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Hypnotherapy for childbirth

Giving birth with calm

Early in the twentieth century a British gynaecologist named Grantly Dick-Reid, dedicated himself to trying to help women to have ‘pain free’ births, and he realised that what caused pain in childbirth was fear. He noted that in communities where birth was seen as ‘natural’ women were more relaxed and both the birth and the recovery were quicker; while women in developed countries were finding childbirth increasingly painful and difficult.

No time for fear

Grantly Dick-Reid went on to found the NCT (National Childbirth Trust) which teaches natural methods of childbirth, and in his book ‘No Time for Fear’ he wrote about the importance of relaxation as being the key to breaking the cycle of fear, tension and pain.

Hypnotherapy for childbirth or hypnobirthing

Calmer births with hypnotherapy

Solution focused hypnotherapy uses physical relaxation, guided visualisations and positive hypnotic suggestions to train the subconscious mind into believing that the birth will be comfortable, easier and more enjoyable; and to experience ‘discomfort’ as ‘pressure’.

It teaches you to enter into self-hypnosis instantly and to create your own natural anaesthesia whenever and wherever you need it. You will have control over your body, and be able to be an active participant in your birth process. As labour progresses, you will relax even more and you will trust your body's natural ability to give birth with ease and comfort.

The benefits of hypnosis for childbirth

The benefits of using hypnosis for childbirth or 'hypno-birthing' include:

  • Less or no use of analgesic drugs meaning less risk of side effects on mother and baby.
  • A more awake and more energised mother.
  • A calm, peaceful birthing environment.
  • Fewer interventions and complications during labour.
  • Babies who are reported to sleep and feed better.

The initial consultation is £40 and sessions thereafter are £70. This includes three complimentary hypno-birthing CDs. We would usually meet on 3 – 4 occasions.

If you feel it's time to act, please have a look at my bookings page and contact me today to make an appointment.

Part of birthing without fear is trusting your instincts!

~ Brande Holm

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