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Hypnotherapy for weight control

Do you carry more than you need?

Are you overweight? Do you over eat, comfort eat or not take enough exercise? The vast majority of creatures on this planet, given a healthy food supply, will eat enough and not become overweight.

However, unlike most other creatures, we humans not only eat for physical well being but also for emotional reasons. We have learned to use food to change uncomfortable feelings - to bury our emotions in food. High stress levels can also cause weight gain.

Emotional eating

If we are eating to satisfy emotional hunger, we will never be satisfied. 63% of adults in the UK are classed as overweight. Many of us get into the cycle of diet, weight loss, finish diet, weight gain and then back to diet.

Hypnotherapy for weight control and losing weight

Redefine your relationship with food

Hypnotherapy can help you to redefine your relationship with food by working with the unconscious mind, where your food related beliefs, associations and patterns of behaviour are held and can also help you learn healthier ways to handle negative emotions.

Lose weight with hypnotherapy

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can also help reduce your stress levels that could be a factor of your weight gain. I will also work with you to help you replace old beliefs with ones that will drive new, positive behaviours which can serve you better.

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